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Mammillaria sempervivi 2



This alphabetical listing of cactus plants in flower reflects a photographer’s interaction with the world of cactaceae, not a botanist’s use of photography to elaborate insights to a unique plant kingdom. Digital files of the images are available free of charge for educational or non-commercial use and inquiries should be addressed to . The images illustrated are part of a continuing project to photograph as many species of cacti as possible and is constantly being updated and expanded.



photo of Mammillaria-sempervivi-2   Mammillaria sempervivi 2

photo of Mammillaria-senilis   Mammillaria senilis

photo of Mammillaria-senilis-2   Mammillaria senilis 2

photo of Mammillaria-sinistrohmata   Mammillaria sinistrohmata

photo of Mammillaria-sonorensis-1   Mammillaria sonorensis 1

photo of Mammillaria-sonorensis-2   Mammillaria sonorensis 2

photo of Mammillaria-sphaerica   Mammillaria sphaerica

photo of Mammillaria-spinosissima-1_sm   Mammillaria spinosissima 1

photo of Mammillaria-spinosissima-2   Mammillaria spinosissima 2

photo of Mammillaria-spinosissima-v-pilcayensis   Mammillaria spinosissima v pilcayensis

photo of Mammillaria standleyi 1   Mammillaria standleyi 1

photo of Mammillaria-standleyi 2   Mammillaria standleyi 2

photo of Mammillaria-standleyi 3   Mammillaria standleyi 3

photo of Mammillaria-standleyi-v-tesopacensis   Mammillaria standleyi v tesopacensis

photo of Mammillaria-supertexta   Mammillaria supertexta

photo of Mammillaria-supertexta-2   Mammillaria supertexta 2

photo of Mammillaria-tesopacensis-v-rubraflora   Mammillaria tesopacensis v rubraflora

photo of Mammillaria-tetrancistra   Mammillaria tetrancistra

photo of Mammillaria-tetrancistra-1   Mammillaria tetrancistra 1

photo of Mammillaria-thornberi   Mammillaria thornberi

photo of Mammillaria-unihamata   Mammillaria unihamata

photo of Mammillaria-varieaculeata   Mammillaria varieaculeata

photo of Mammillaria-wagneriana   Mammillaria wagneriana

photo of Mammillaria-wiesingeri   Mammillaria wiesingeri

photo of Mammillaria-wildii   Mammillaria wildii

photo of Mammillaria winterae   Mammillaria winterae

photo of Mammillaria-wrightii   Mammillaria wrightii

photo of Mammillaria-zeilmanniana   Mammillaria zeilmanniana

photo of Mammillaria-zephyranthoides   Mammillaria zephyranthoides

photo of Matucana-aureiflora   Matucana aureiflora

photo of Matucana-haynei   Matucana haynei

photo of Matucana-madisoniorum   Matucana madisoniorum

photo of Matucana-tuberculata   Matucana tuberculata

photo of Matucana-weberbaueri   Matucana weberbaueri

photo of Melocactus-azureus   Melocactus azureus

photo of Melocactus-curvispina   Melocactus curvispina

photo of Melocactus-ernestii   Melocactus ernestii

photo of Melocactus-ernestii-2   Melocactus ernestii 2

photo of Melocactus-longispina   Melocactus longispina

photo of Melocactus-matazanus   Melocactus matazanus

photo of Micranthocereus-flaviflorus   Micranthocereus flaviflorus

photo of Mila-caespitosa   Mila caespitosa

photo of Myrtgerocactus-lindseyi   Myrtgerocactus lindseyi

photo of Myrtillocactus-cochal   Myrtillocactus cochal

photo of Myrtillocactus-geometrizans   Myrtillocactus geometrizans

photo of Mammillaria-albilanata-1   Mammillaria albilanata 1

photo of Mammillaria-albilanata-2   Mammillaria albilanata 2

photo of Mammillaria-aureilanata   Mammillaria aureilanata

photo of Mammillaria-backbergeriana-a   Mammillaria backbergeriana

photo of Mammillaria-backbergeriana-a   Mammillaria backbergeriana a

photo of Mammillaria-barbata   Mammillaria barbata

photo of Mammillaria-blossfeldiana   Mammillaria blossfeldiana

photo of Mammillaria-bocasana   Mammillaria bocasana

photo of Mammillaria-bocensis   Mammillaria bocensis

photo of Mammillaria-bocensis-2   Mammillaria bocensis 2

photo of Mammillaria-bombycina   Mammillaria bombycina

photo of Mammillaria-boolii   Mammillaria boolii

photo of Mammillaria-breviflora   Mammillaria breviflora

photo of Mammillaria-candida   Mammillaria candida

photo of Mammillaria-canelensis   Mammillaria canelensis

photo of Mammillaria-carmenae   Mammillaria carmenae

photo of Mammillaria-carnea   Mammillaria carnea

photo of Mammillaria-carretii   Mammillaria carretii

photo of Mammillaria-columbiana   Mammillaria columbiana

photo of Mammillaria-crucigera-1   Mammillaria crucigera 1

photo of Mammillaria-crucigera-2   Mammillaria crucigera 2

photo of Mammillaria-decipiens   Mammillaria decipiens

photo of Mammillaria-densispina   Mammillaria densispina

photo of Mammillaria-durangicola-grusonii   Mammillaria durangicola grusonii

photo of Mammillaria-duwei   Mammillaria duwei

photo of Mammillaria-echinaria   Mammillaria echinaria

photo of Mammillaria-elongata   Mammillaria elongata

photo of Mammillaria-estabanensis   Mammillaria estabanensis

photo of Mammillaria-estabanensis-1   Mammillaria estabanensis 1

photo of Mammillaria-estabanensis-2   Mammillaria estabanensis 2

photo of Mammillaria-flavicentra   Mammillaria flavicentra

photo of Mammillaria-fraileana   Mammillaria fraileana

photo of Mammillaria-gasseriana   Mammillaria gasseriana

photo of Mammillaria-geminispina   Mammillaria geminispina

photo of Mammillaria-gigantea   Mammillaria gigantea

photo of Mammillaria-glassii-v-nova   Mammillaria glassii v nova

photo of Mammillaria-gracilis   Mammillaria gracilis

photo of Mammillaria-grahamii-1   Mammillaria grahamii 1

photo of Mammillaria-grahamii-2   Mammillaria grahamii 2

photo of Mammillaria-grahamii-3   Mammillaria grahamii 3

photo of Mammillaria-guelzowiana   Mammillaria guelzowiana

photo of Mammillaria-guerreronis   Mammillaria guerreronis

photo of Mammillaria-haageana   Mammillaria haageana

photo of Mammillaria-haageana-v-san-angelensis   Mammillaria haageana v san angelensis

photo of Mammillaria-hahniana   Mammillaria hahniana

photo of Mammillaria-hernandezii   Mammillaria hernandezii

photo of Mammillaria-hertichiana   Mammillaria hertichiana

photo of Mammillaria-hesteri   Mammillaria hesteri

photo of Mammillaria-heyderi   Mammillaria heyderi

photo of Mammillaria-heyderi-v-gummifera   Mammillaria heyderi v gummifera

photo of Mammillaria-heyderi-v-macdougalii   Mammillaria heyderi v macdougalii

photo of Mammillaria-huitzilopochtli   Mammillaria huitzilopochtli

photo of Mammillaria-humboldtii   Mammillaria humboldtii

photo of Mammillaria-jaliscana   Mammillaria jaliscana

photo of Mammillaria-johnstonii   Mammillaria johnstonii

photo of Mammillaria-karwinskiana   Mammillaria karwinskiana

photo of Mammillaria-klissingiana   Mammillaria klissingiana

photo of Mammillaria-lasiacantha   Mammillaria lasiacantha

photo of Mammillaria-kraehenbuehlii   Mammillaria kraehenbuehlii

photo of Mammillaria-laui   Mammillaria laui

photo of Mammillaria-laui-v-dasyacantha-1   Mammillaria laui v dasyacantha 1

photo of Mammillaria-laui-v-dasyacantha-2   Mammillaria laui v dasyacantha 2

photo of Mammillaria-lenta   Mammillaria lenta

photo of Mammillaria-lindsayi   Mammillaria lindsayi

photo of Mammillaria-longiflora   Mammillaria longiflora

photo of Mammillaria-macdougalii   Mammillaria macdougalii

photo of Mammillaria-magnimamma   Mammillaria magnimamma

photo of Mammillaria-marksianna   Mammillaria marksianna

photo of Mammillaria-mazatlanensis-1   Mammillaria mazatlanensis 1

photo of Mammillaria-mazatlanensis-2   Mammillaria mazatlanensis 2

photo of Mammillaria-melaleuca   Mammillaria melaleuca

photo of Mammillaria-montensis   Mammillaria montensis

photo of Mammillaria-muehlenpfordtii   Mammillaria muehlenpfordtii

photo of Mammillaria-multidigitata   Mammillaria multidigitata

photo of Mammillaria-mystax   Mammillaria mystax

photo of Mammillaria-nejapensis   Mammillaria nejapensis

photo of Mammillaria-ocotillensis   Mammillaria ocotillensis

photo of Mammillaria-parkinsonii-1   Mammillaria parkinsonii 1

photo of Mammillaria-parkinsonii-2   Mammillaria parkinsonii 2

photo of Mammillaria-perbella   Mammillaria perbella

photo of Mammillaria-perbella-2   Mammillaria perbella 2

photo of Mammillaria-perezdelarosae   Mammillaria perezdelarosae

photo of Mammillaria-petrophila   Mammillaria petrophila

photo of Mammillaria-petrophila-2   Mammillaria petrophila 2

photo of Mammillaria-petrophila-v-baxteriana   Mammillaria petrophila v baxteriana

photo of Mammillaria-pettersonii-1   Mammillaria pettersonii 1

photo of Mammillaria-pettersonii-2   Mammillaria pettersonii 2

photo of Mammillaria-phitauiana   Mammillaria phitauiana

photo of Mammillaria-phitauiana-2   Mammillaria phitauiana 2

photo of Mammillaria-pilispina   Mammillaria pilispina

photo of Mammillaria-pilispina-2   Mammillaria pilispina 2

photo of Mammillaria-plumosa-1   Mammillaria plumosa 1

photo of Mammillaria-plumosa-2   Mammillaria plumosa 2

photo of Mammillaria-polythele-v-inermis   Mammillaria polythele v inermis

photo of Mammillaria-polythele-v-inermis-2   Mammillaria polythele v inermis 2

photo of Mammillaria-pottsii   Mammillaria pottsii

photo of Mammillaria-prolifera   Mammillaria prolifera

photo of Mammillaria-pseudoperbella   Mammillaria pseudoperbella

photo of Mammillaria-rekoi   Mammillaria rekoi

photo of Mammillaria-rekoi-1   Mammillaria rekoi 1

photo of Mammillaria-rekoi-v-aureispina   Mammillaria rekoi v aureispina

photo of Mammillaria-rekoi-v-leptacantha   Mammillaria rekoi v leptacantha

photo of Mammillaria-rhodantha-v-mccartenii   Mammillaria rhodantha v mccartenii

photo of Mammillaria-ritteriana   Mammillaria ritteriana

photo of Mammillaria-ritteriana-2   Mammillaria ritteriana 2

photo of Mammillaria-rubida   Mammillaria rubida

photo of Mammillaria-rubrograndis   Mammillaria rubrograndis

photo of Mammillaria-rubrograndis-2   Mammillaria rubrograndis 2

photo of Mammillaria-saboae   Mammillaria saboae

photo of Mammillaria-schiedeana-1   Mammillaria schiedeana 1

photo of Mammillaria-schiedeana-2   Mammillaria schiedeana 2

photo of Mammillaria-schiedeana-v-gesilae-1   Mammillaria schiedeana v gesilae 1

photo of Mammillaria-schiedeana-v-gesilae-2   Mammillaria schiedeana v gesilae 2

photo of Mammillaria-schumannii   Mammillaria schumannii

photo of Mammillaria-scrippsiana   Mammillaria scrippsiana

photo of Mammillaria-sempervivi-1   Mammillaria sempervivi 1

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